Le Capriccio Français Summer Music Academy offers workshops for Singers, harpsichordists, as well as a Choral program, from August 21 (arrival before dinner) to August 28


Singing workshop 2019 with Henk Neven

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Choir workshop concert 2020 in the Alps

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Singing workshop 2020 with Maarten Koningsberger


The 2020 Academy choir and Lake Annecy

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Vocal Academy

The singers choose between two workshops : 

With Maarten Koningsberger the singers focus their work on soloist repertoire, performance, as well as collegial practice. Technical work will concentrate on posture, breathing, phonation and voice consistency, so that students may develop their instrument. Students will study how a successful performance also requires expression and interpretation of a piece. Every day starts with a class in posture and breathing. Every student receives a daily private lesson in vocal technique with Maarten Koningsberger. 

Students works with Helene Dufour and Stefano Intrieri, either individually or in small groups. 

Choral Academy​

The choir is conducted by Philippe Le Fèvre, artistic director of the Music Academy. All choral singers take part in a daily class of vocal technique with Muriel Ferraro.

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