Le Capriccio Français Summer Music Academy offers workshops for Singers, harpsichordists, as well as a Choral program, from August 17 (arrival before dinner) to August 25, 2024 (departure after breakfast)

Final concert at Sant Gaieta Church
Soloists of the Académie 2023
Vocal technique courses for the Académie 2023 choir
Vocal work for soloists
Final concert at Sant Gaieta Church
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Vocal Academy

Supervised by Maarten Koningsberger or Muriel Ferraro, this singing workshop combines vocal technique and interpretation of baroque music.

After a group lesson on posture and breathing, which opens the day, each student will receive individual vocal technique lessons with Maarten Koningsberger or Muriel Ferraro, and will work with their vocal coaches, Hélène Dufour and Stefano Intrieri.

In addition to the pieces chosen by the trainees, a work will be performed by all the trainees of the Academy (soloists and choir): Le Carnaval de Venise by André Campra . This work will be the subject of public masterclasses during the Academy.

Choral Academy

The Summer 2023 Choral Workshop is directed by Philippe Le Fèvre, artistic director of the Summer Academy. The choir has a maximum of 28 singers, with a balance of sections. It is intended for experienced choristers.

In parallel to their rehearsals, the choristers have daily vocal technique classes with Muriel Ferraro or Maarten Koningsberger.

Under the direction of Philippe Le Fèvre, the choir will work on a on a two-part program. The first part, which will bring together the soloists and the choir of the Academy, will be devoted to Carnaval de Venise by André Campra. The second part will be a variation of the Psaume Super Flumina Babylonis, through works by Charpentier, Orlando di Lasso, Praetorius, Rossi, Schütz and Sweelinck.

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Workshop for conductors

This course is intended for harpsichordists, organists or pianists wishing to perfect their skills as vocal conductors in the early repertoires. The work will include a theoretical part (scoring, knowledge of the different styles of realisation) and above all practical work in close connection with the singing master class, the choir course and the chamber music activities.